Learning Resource System

Grant Writing

Writing a well-crafted grant proposal is a skill that all students should learn, especially those in the allied health and nursing disciplines who might need to seek funding for research projects. This subject guide is here to show you the major resources available to you on this topic.

Web Resources

Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab: Like other Purdue Owl resources, this site is geared towards students who want to learn more about the grant writing process. It follows the stage of the writing process, beginning with project planning, then researching funding opportunities, and finally writing and submitting the grant proposal.

AOTA Grants and Grantsmanship: Geared for our Occupational Therapy students, this site from the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) includes links to opportunities for occupational grants, as well as resources on how to apply for grants through many different avenues.

California Grants: This website includes all the areas that grants offered through in the state of California. By clicking on specific links, you can see where they are still accepting applications and what might be available in the future.

National Science Foundation Funding: This website includes links about current funding for all types of students and programs. It even includes links to upcoming due dates for grants and recently announced funding opportunities.

Congressional Research Service: This document explains how one should develop and write a grant proposal. It includes an appendix with additional links to proposal writing websites.

Foundation Center Proposal Course: This website includes a short course on proposal writing. Students/staff/faculty can click through all of the links or print it all out to read. If you wish, there is a course that you can enroll in (Note: The full online course costs $295.00).

Non-Profit Guides: This website has links that cover an array of topics on grant writing. This includes tips, to sample inquiry letters, sample proposals, and links to other websites with more resources.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance: This website is a compendium of federal programs, projects, and services that offer assistance to the American public. It includes a section on writing grants and the different types of assistance that they can offer.

Grants.gov: This website offers a ton of resources on finding and applying for federal grants. The Learn Grants section of the website details the lifecycle of a grant, how to get started, and much more.