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    Test-Taking Strategies

Preparing for the test

Before a test, you can begin preparing by following some of these strategies:

1. Take notes and pay attention in class.

2. Listen and have a positive attitude.

3. Use time management skills to make sure you have enough time to study.

4. Keep a regular study schedule.

5. Begin reviewing a week before the test.

6. Make a study checklist, index cards, chapter outlines, or other tools to help you study.

7. Test yourself and/or review with a partner or a group - test each other too!

8. Make sure you have all the materials you need for the test at least one day before.

9. Ask the instructor for clarification on anything you're not sure about - take advantage of tutoring or office hours.

10. Get plenty of sleep and water, and have a healthy meal before the test.

Taking the test

Now that you've prepared for the test, here are some tips for taking a test more effectively:

1. Be prepared - arrive early with everything you need for the test.

2. Take a moment alone to relax and take a few deep breaths.

3. Listen to any last-minute instructions carefully.

4. Read all test directions and each test question carefully.

5. Stay positive, relax your muscles, and breathe.

6. Plan for using the allotted time effectively.

7. Answer the questions you know the answers to first, then go back and answer the rest.

8. If a question seems complicated or hard to understand, try to put it in your own words or break it down into smaller parts.

9. Do not change an answer unless there is solid evidence that your answer is incorrect, you realize that you misread or misunderstood the question, or you remember information related to the question or find something later in the test that indicates your original answer was incorrect and leads you to the correct answer.

10. Analyze your performance after each test, and review instructor feedback when you get it.

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