Learning Resource System

Welcome to the LRS: your online place for academic resources.

The Learning Resource System consists of the electronic resources Stanbridge University offers that are available remotely, such as databases and e-books, and the Learning Resource Center (LRC), which consists of a computer lab with internet access, a librarian to assist with questions, and a collection of books available for checkout. The LRC also has four separate rooms that are used for group study and tutoring, as well as a quiet study room with four study carrels.

The Learning Resource Center is in Building 2061, across the courtyard from the main building, and is open every day:

LRC Hours  

6:30AM-12 AM (PST)

Friday: 6:30AM-10PM (PST)
Saturday & Sunday: 9AM-8PM (PST)

The Learning Resource Center has a testing room with 10 testing stations. The testing room is open throughout the week, but the hours vary and is closed during holidays and school events. Please be sure to schedule your tests with either your Admissions Representative or your Student Services Officer.


To ask the librarian a question about the services that are available or for help using resources, you can contact the librarian at librarian@stanbridge.edu or by calling (949) 794-9090 ext. 5141. You can also find the librarian in her office at the Learning Resource Center at these times:

Librarian Hours  
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM-5:30pm (PST)


The mission of the Learning Resource System is to provide the resources required to meet the learning needs of students in support of the faculty, programs, and educational objectives of Stanbridge University. The Learning Resources System facilitates student learning by providing informational resources and services to enhance and supplement classroom instruction. The Learning Resource System is committed to the development of information literacy skills and lifelong learning on the part of all students in the various educational programs offered by the university. To fulfill its mission, the Learning Resource System and its librarian are committed to giving students:

  • Access to a variety of learning resources in a format that facilitates research;
  • Orientations to enhance students’ knowledge of how to conduct research in an academically responsible manner, including
    • Policies and procedures of the Learning Resource System;
    • Guides used to retrieve information for research projects; and
    • Principles for identifying and evaluating the quality of resources in the research process.
  • Experiences to broaden and deepen knowledge of research in their subject area.


The Learning Resource System and its librarian adhere to the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics, found at http://www.ala.org/ala/issuesadvocacy/proethics/codeofethics/codeethics.cfm.


Misuse or abuse of hardware and software in the LRC is a violation of university policy. In the event of equipment failure, please contact the librarian or a PC/Network technician in the university’s IT department for technical support.


The Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, US Code) protects and regulates copyright holders in regard to copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is a serious crime and can be severely punished. If a person willfully commits an infringement of copyright, the person can be fined up to $150,000. A person who commits copyright infringement, but who is not aware that he or she has done so, is still liable to be punished by a court of law, though the fine may be reduced.


The Learning Resource Center respects the right of students to seek information, and it will not release any documents about users of the LRC to anyone, unless the user violates university policy.

HIPAA Training and  Exams