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Stanbridge College takes a personal interest in mentoring and encouraging our graduates to meet their career goals. Our staff in Career Services is committed to the success of our students as working professionals and offers a comprehensive, multi-step, career placement process that includes the following services:

Resume and Portfolio Preparation

Career Services will help our job-ready applicants write a powerful and creative resume and portfolio that stands out from the competition.

Mock Interview Sessions

Our Career Services department will take graduates through personality mapping, salary negotiations, role-playing and other specialized interview techniques to enable them to take control of the job interview.

Job Leads

Graduates will receive access to continually updated job listings and career opportunities obtained from a variety of sources, including recruiting organizations and companies in Southern California with which we have built relationships. The leads are posted exclusively at the Placement Online on the website of Stanbridge College.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association provides alumni with continued access to the college’s resources, news and special events while facilitating a dynamic network. Graduates are encouraged to become members of the Alumni Association. Members receive benefits, including extended career services, access to exclusive alumni workshops, social media networking and invitations to complementary professional networking events. Our mission is to foster a lifelong, mutually beneficial relationship between alumni, current students and Stanbridge College.

Click here to visit the Stanbridge College Alumni Association.

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